Uber vows to make more self-driving safety information public following fatal collision

Image credit:PXHERE

Uber Technologies Inc. has vowed to make more of its self-driving safety information public after the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) placed partial blame for a fatal 2018 crash in Arizona on the company’s policies.

The company made the pledge in an update to its voluntary safety assessment, filed on Friday 28 August, with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The filing comes as the firm begins to put to rest criticism of its autonomous vehicle program since the NTSB board reached its conclusions regarding the Tempe, Arizona, crash, which was believed to be the first fatal pedestrian accident involving a self-driving vehicle.

In the document, Uber highlights “enhancements” to its future policies, including the public release of a “Safety Case Framework” that it pledges to make open-sourced for peer review.

The company also details new internal safety management procedures and the establishment of an independent Safety and Responsibility Advisory Board.

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