South Australia taxi drivers in uproar over vaccinations to work policy

All taxi and ride-hailing drivers are now required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to continue operating in South Australia after the Government announced new measures.

The announcement caused uproar from some drivers and industry unions who say drivers who are not yet vaccinated will now lose earnings until they fall in-line and get vaccinated.

"Passenger Transport Workers" were required to have at least one dose of a TGA approved vaccination by 3 January 2022, previously this was required by 20 December 2021 but was extended to give drivers more time.

At this time, they must also have received or have evidence of a booking to receive a second dose.

This does not include Passenger Transport Workers who work at or from airports as they must already be vaccinated under government rules.

All taxi and ride-hailing drivers must provide the entity which makes their bookings from members of the public with proof of their vaccination status on request. For example, if a person works for a taxi or ride share company they must supply their status to that company.

Passenger Transport Workers must also provide the operator of their service with proof of their vaccination status on request.

The Trade Workers’ Union has written to the Government requesting that drivers are financially supported during any period in which they are unable.

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