New street side devices allow taxis to be hailed at press of a button, rather than through an app

City residents in China’s Shanghai can now call a taxi at the press of a button on the street which alerts nearby taxi drivers to the pick up.

The service, together with the taxi-hailing app “Shencheng Travel,” has been introduced by the Government and SAIC Motor. It is aimed to help people, such as the elderly, who may not be adept at using smartphones.

Currently, there are around 200 devices located in busy places across the city, such as the Bund and train stations.

After pressing a button at these points, nearby taxis receive a notification via the app and come to pick up the passengers.

Passengers with the app can press a hailing button without inputting their destination, a major difference compared with traditional ride-hailing services.

Currently, more than 100 taxi companies with a total of 20,000 taxis have registered on

the platform.

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