FEDETAXI files discrimination complaint to the Spanish Ministry of Transport

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

FEDETAXI, the major Spanish organisation representing taxis in the country, and a member of the Taxi Europe Alliance (TEA), have filed a complaint to the Ministry of Transport based on what they believe is discrimination against the trade.

In the announcement letter of complaint, seen by TaxiPoint and published by the TEA, FEDETAXI claim the latest transport rules put in place effect the trade in a discriminatory manner.

The complaint relates to Order SND/507/2020, published on 6 June in the Boletin Oficial del Estado, the Spanish Official Journal, which allows buses and trains to use all seats while maintaining the restrictions from the lockdown period for taxis.

FEDETAXI says the Order discriminates taxis, which have to still keep 50% of the available seats, discouraging many cities from using a taxi.

The letter reads: “Such discrimination also seems to go against the recent guidelines on the progressive restoration of transport services and connectivity issued by the European Commission, which at paragraph 21 state that ‘it should be ensured that transport operators and service suppliers that provide equivalent services for the same route are subject to equivalent measures.

”The object should be to provide the same level of safety, clarity and predictability for passengers, to avoid discrimination and to preserve the level playing field.”

The complaint ends with a request directed at the Ministry of Transport, asking for the Order, which did not consult the taxi industry, to be amended, in order to allow the full occupation of taxis to fall in-line with what has been decided for buses and trains.

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons - Kenyh

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