DiDi brings in AI to verify mask-wearing, daily vehicle disinfection and driver temperature check

Didi Chuxing, a mobility platform also known as DiDi, will be rolling out a comprehensive in-app Health-Guard program to its Latin American markets to help better protect the health of driver partners and passengers.

The Health-Guard program, a measure DiDi first introduced in China back in January, will verify that ride-hailing driver partners are wearing masks, checking their temperature, and carrying out daily disinfection routines before going online.

Beginning 22 May, DiDi will use its own AI technology to verify whether ride-hailing driver partners are wearing masks by asking them to take a selfie in an effort to better care for the health of driver partners and passengers who need to be on the road.

In June, drivers will be requested to take a photo for AI analysis to confirm daily vehicle disinfection routine and to report their current temperature through the app. Drivers who fail to follow these safety requirements may not be permitted to provide rides to users through DiDi’s platform.

Passengers will also be requested to wear masks when using a DiDi mobility service. Both passengers and driver will have the option to cancel trips if they feel unsafe about the hygiene conditions. DiDi is also working with taxi companies across Latin America and Asia Pacific to launch similar initiatives. Courier partners for DiDi Food in Mexico and 99 Food in Brazil will also be required to wear masks starting today. Those reported by consumers not wearing masks may be temporarily suspended from the platform. To help drivers and couriers maintain health safety standards during this health emergency, DiDi has already donated well over 2 million sets of masks and sanitizers in various markets as of the end of April. DiDi will continue to work with public health authorities in each market to monitor the situation closely and adjust the scope and timeline of the Health-Guard program accordingly.

The Health-Guard features were first introduced and initiated for DiDi China’s 31 million registered driver partners. DiDi China, the market initially affected by COVID-19 in January, deployed a series of protection and relief initiatives through its network, many of which have been quickly rolled out outside China, including a global driver and courier relief fund, special fleets for medical and community workers, vehicle sanitation stations, and in-vehicle plastic dividers. Tony Qiu, Chief Operating Officer for DiDi’s International Business Group, said: “These industry-leading health guard measures will be introduced globally as quickly as possible to protect people who need to be on the road to keep our cities running through these difficult times.

“We will continue to adjust our measures according to local health authorities’ requirements, while bringing in safer, more affordable and reliable services for drivers and customers.” Image credits: DiDi

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