Denmark’s largest taxi headquarters to be located in Bagsværd

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

From September, half of Denmark’s 4,000 taxis are to be dispatched from a newly established taxi headquarters in Bagsværd, just outside of Copenhagen.

The new locality will include, other than administration and a call centre, a unique education academy for taxi drivers.

Dantaxi has, after several years of growth, grown out of the company’s current headquarters in Virum. The sales and marketing department had to move to a temporary location already last year. This September, employees and departments will meet at a newly established premises on Kroghøjsvej 49 in Bagsværd. The renter, Topdanmark Ejendom, are excited about the cooperation with Dantaxi, who have approved a complete renovation of Kroghøjsvej 49, so the property is future proofed and can contribute to Dantaxi’s continued growth. Own education academy Dantaxi's CEO Carsten Aastrup explains that it is with sadness, that the company is leaving Virum after 38 years, but they are looking forward to the new possibilities that the new headquarters will bring. Aastrup says:

“It is no secret that we have always been well placed in Virum. As our company has grown over the years, we have, since 1982, had addresses in three different locations on Kongevejen. We actually have employees that are now moving workplace for the fourth time. With the move, the departments can once again assemble under the same roof, and the house is sized for a continued growth.
“One of our focus areas are teaching and further education in order to better the customer experience. We are collecting our current courses and establishing an education academy for taxi drivers in Bagsværd.”

The current Dantaxi came to be after a merging in 2017, where TaxiNord changed its name to Dantaxi. TaxiNord was established in 1937, under the name Lyngby Taxa. The first headquarters was in modest premises in the attic at Lyngby Torv nr. 15, and Lyngby Taxa had use of just over a handful of vehicles. In 1982, Lyngby-Holte Taxi, which had been the company’s name since 1974, moved to Kongevejen in Virum. The current location is Kongevejen 135, which has been its headquarters for the past 12 years.

Dantaxi is now Denmark’s largest taxi company, and since 2017, the largest taxi company in Greater Copenhagen. The firm are also is the only nationwide aggregator of taxiservices in Denmark and with 1,900 taxis associated the company is the market leader.

Image credit: Dantaxi

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