ComfortDelGro rolls out fastest public electric taxi charger in Singapore

ComfortDelGro, the company that introduced the first commercial Direct Current (DC) fast charging service in Singapore in January 2019, has rolled out an even faster one for cabbies and EV owners.

At 100kW power output, the Delta Ultra Fast Charger is Singapore’s fastest public commercial DC charger. It boasts double the power output of all other commercial DC charging stations in the market, and is able to shave close to 10 minutes off the time it takes to fully charge a vehicle.

The charging station, which is located in ComfortDelGro Engineering’s Loyang branch, can charge up to two vehicles at any one time. If two EVs are being charged at the same time, the charging station’s power output is at least 50kW, enabling each EV to be fully charged in 30 minutes.

The superfast service will be made available to all ComfortDelGro fully electric taxis and private EV car owners through global EV charging software and solutions provider, Greenlots.

Greenlots users who own EVs equipped with the Combined Charging System (CCS) such as the BMW i3, fully-electric Hyundai Ioniqs and Konas, Jaguar iPace as well as Porsche Taycan will be able to recharge at the Delta Ultra Fast charging station through the Greenlots App, where they can check the availability of the charger and pay the charges of 40 cents per kWh – the lowest in the market – through the App. To gain entry into ComfortDelGro’s premises at Braddell and Loyang, drivers will need to apply for a special access pass directly with ComfortDelGro Engineering. ComfortDelGro cabbies driving the fully-electric Hyundai Ioniq and Kona taxis do not require the access pass.

Mr Ang Soo Hock, CEO of ComfortDelGro Engineering, said: “While the interest in EVs continues to grow as more are looking to switch to Greener options, charging time of EVs is still a key consideration. We hope that the introduction of faster charging solutions can help to alleviate those concerns and contribute to the development of a robust EV ecosystem in Singapore.”

The Delta Ultra Fast Charger comes with connectors, cables and power modules that can be upgraded on location. This ensures that new higher power technologies can be applied to it when ready. Its system firmware updates can also be done remotely

Cabby Lian Chin Hock, 66, who has been driving an electric Hyundai Ioniq for two years, said: “Having an even faster charger is definitely useful as it helps to save time for me. It is also good to have another charging station at Loyang as it will be convenient for me to charge the taxi if I am in the eastern part of Singapore.”

The existing DC fast charging station in ComfortDelGro’s Braddell premises currently clocks an average of 130 charging sessions every month.

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